GSI-Experience.com Nightstand  with Clues

How many clues can you find on this nightstand?

GSI is a hands-on exploration aimed at providing a concentrated “experience” to all kinds of people in the elder care and disabled support community, allowing others to learn about the types of information that can be important when assisting a new client.

This experience will help you “see” important clues of all kinds, including ones that are not even there, which can help piece together the bigger picture of a client’s life.

Setup as a real “home,” the GSI room allows attendees the unique opportunity to experience the search for important information, such as: legal documents, family and community support connections, medical equipment, pension providers, info about the pets in their life, health history, benefit coverage, cultural and social needs, medications, and much more.

These items, when reviewed together, can reveal critical information about the client, and create the bigger picture of a client’s life, allowing for a more efficient triage plan of care to be developed, resources to be located, and emotional support connections to be re-established.

Additionally, GSI teaches Elder Care Professionals how to gather this information from a client who may not be able to provide any information firsthand.

Consider these common scenarios that many Professionals deal with on a daily basis:

It’s a Thursday afternoon, and you’ve just been appointed Guardian to a sweet 82 year-old gal. Now, you’re completely, 100% responsible for her person and property, but you know almost nothing about her. What is your next step?

It’s Saturday morning, and you have just been hired as the Care Manger by the distant family of a very complicated gentleman with mental health struggles, who is currently at the hospital. As you meet with the ALF administrator in the client’s room at the facility, what is your next step?

 It is 11:30 p.m. on a Friday night. As an APS Investigator, you have just removed a 94 year-old from her home for self-neglect. What is your next step?

You’re an Elder Law Attorney, and at 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, an elderly gal who you have been helping with her estate documents calls to ask you to come to her house. After pulling at your heartstrings, you decide to go. When you get there, how do you help her find her documents?

Regardless of career field, everyone who attends a GSI class is sure to take away something from the experience that can help them personally and professionally, every day.

The GSI room will be setup at select events and locations throughout Florida. To see where we’ll be next, check out our Events.

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