Check out what attendees and supporters are saying about the GSI course.

Email from Michelle Bronson, Marketing / Intake Coordinator for Comfort Keepers

“I think that the presentation was/is so valuable that basically anyone that cares for or wants to care for, rather it be hands or not, with seniors be mandated to take this course. You, your staff, the host community: Emeritus Lake Mary, and of course your wonderful sponsor Guardian Trust, should be very proud of this endeavor…”

Letter of Support from Lennie Burke, Guardian

“Theresa has developed and demonstrated an approach to training in one area of practice which has no other source. It allows for the transfer of knowledge from experienced practitioners in a way that should have higher retention. This approach of “experiential” training is well received by students and should be highly effective.”

Letter of Support from Michelle Hollister, Former Executive Director of Florida’s State Wide Public Guardianship Office

“The depth of GSI comes from allowing practitioners to see firsthand a ‘real’ home and institutional setting. This experience encapsulates the ability to teach about identifying a variety of issues ranging from nutrition and socialization to medical and financial concerns. […] GSI […] would be helping countless seniors by educating a variety of professionals as the applicability of this project extends beyond the realm of guardianship.”

Letter of Support from Jetta Getty, Professional Guardian

“Hands down, the GSI segment was the most talked about session at the conference. The GSI experience was heavily attended and a favorite among participants at the conference. I recall hearing feedback comments ranging from ‘best ever’ to ‘a must for all guardians’ to ‘include at future conferences’, to ‘I learned so much’ about what guardianship entails to ‘a must do experience for everyone’.”

Letter of Support from Linda Solash-Reed, Elder Law Attorney

Thank you so much for all your efforts in putting together GSI training.  It was so helpful and thought-provoking to approach guardianship from another perspective.  I’ve already added a couple of new questions to my intake form as a result.  I hope I get the chance to send Maggie to a future session (if I let her leave her guardianship files for a breather )

As always, a pleasure to work with your staff.

Letter of Support from Heidi Isenhart, Elder Law Attorney

I recently had the privilege of attending your GSI presentation.  I found your presentation to be interactive, practical and insightful with elements that would be helpful to those in any profession dedicated to serving seniors.